"OyFloat" Special Floats for Oyster Farms

Our float is made of HDPE - high density polyethylene -, using the blow molding technique, totally recyclable and ecological.
Completely watertight, resistant to shocks and thermal excursions, stable, durable and above all extremely HANDY!
Stackable one inside the other, taking up less space for storage and transport with reduced costs.

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"OYFLOAT" float was born after years of research and development. It provides a surface to which the "cage" that contains the oysters can be hooked, protecting them from parasites and bacterial diseases and fouling organisms and allowing faster and more uniform growth. Once the oysters have reached the desired size, they are removed already clean, ready for sale.

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"OYFLOAT" are normally tied to ropes held suspended by buoys anchored to the seabed by means of dead bodies or wooden poles. To clean and oxygenate the oysters, just turn them upside down so that the oysters in the pockets [not provided] stay out of the water in the sun. Each pocket can hold 150-200 adult oysters, depending on their size.


"OYFLOAT" they are made of recycled and recyclable polyethylene, for a more sustainable economy and to create a virtuous circle, in full respect of the environment, since it is a material that does not release any substance into the water and therefore absolutely non-polluting and non-toxic for fauna and flora.


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